·         Botanical garden is a vast expense of lush green garden packed with a plethora of most exclusive plants in the country.

·         According to definition of Botanical Garden Conservation International (BGCI) in the International Agenda for Botanical Gardens in Conservation (IABGC) (2000) “Botanical gardens are institutions holding documented collections of living plants for the purpose of scientific research, conservation, display and education.

·         A botanical garden must be a public institution committed for long term maintenance of its collections.

·         Botanical Gardens should always have complete documentation of their collections, control over plants collected and demonstrate responsible management of their collections.

·         Well documented collections allow botanical gardens to support botanists by providing documentation and resources for research.

Objectives of Botanical Gardens:

There are three main objectives of botanical gardens:

·         The first best known objective is recreation, exhibition, plant sales, picnics under t6he trees and relaxing in a natural environment are some of the possibilities that botanical gardens offer to both residents and tourists.

·         Second is education. This includes summer camps for kids, school group tours, interpretation, classes and seminars as well as publications and other ways of sharing information between botanical gardens, horticulture and botany professionals.

·         Finally, Gardens have a scientific objective. Botanical Gardens have always studied botany, taxonomy and systematic. Today, fields of study are even broader from molecular research in the lab to ecological field work.

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