·         Zoological parks are related to wild life which denotes the large and popular animals. Wild life is related to animals and their natural habitats. It helps us to maintain ecological balance. It provides several wood products and increase in rainfall production. It provides aesthetic value and gives a boost to Indian art, culture and literature.

·         Zoological parks are basically “zoos with captive wildlife”.

·         These are the places where wild animals are kept in protected environment under human core and which enable us to learn about their food habits and behavior.

·         Zoological parks give information about ecology type, areas, name, location and uniqueness.

·         All animals in a zoo are provided, as far as possible,a the conditions similar to their natural habitats.

·         Although royal animal collections and popular travelling menageries had existed for centuries, true zoological gardens- organized, permanent exhibition of animals intended for public education and employment emerged only in the wake of the enlightenment.

·         The first public animal collections opened in major Europeans cities such as Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam, London and Berlin during the late 18th and 19th centuries.

·         In most cases these gardens were established by private zoological societies that believed that their collections would provide scientific interest, natural history instruction and cultural improvement for their cities.

·         A zoo is a place where various living animals are kept within enclosures display to the public and may be used for the study. In fact concept of zoo has changed instead of zoos, zoological gardens or zoological parks established where high standard of core is observed and the animals live under more natural condition.

·         Nehru zoological park is a zoo; located near Mir Alum Tank in Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

Role of Zoological Park in Wildlife Conservation:

·         In zoological park, animals enjoy protection, fine sunshine, fresh air and above all ample open space to play about.

·         They have now become repositories of threatened wildlife and a store house of the knowledge or animal behavior; their breeding habit etc.

·         Zoological parks are the place where they are assured of food, medical care and treatment, where they also feel safe form their natural enemies.

·         Zoological parks are very useful in spreading knowledge on the wildlife wealth of the country.

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