Classification is important because it allows scientists to identify group and properly name organisms via a standardized system (Linnaeus Taxonomy, based on similarities found in organisms DNA/RNA (Genetics), Adaptation, evolution and embryonic development  (Embryology) to other known organism for better study and understand the new organism as a whole. In order to do this it is very important for scientist to have first agreed upon a standardized system or approach to naming and classifying an organism because without it unknown organisms could be classified differently round the world creating confusion.


Need for classification to resolve following purposes:

Ø  Classification is needed for the convenient study of living organisms.

Ø  It helps in the correct identification of various organisms.

Ø  It helps to know the origin and evolution of organisms.

Ø  It helps to determine the exact position of the organisms in the classification.

Ø  It helps to develop phylogenetic relationship between different groups of organism.

Ø  To study and includes each organism along with its identification and habitat.

Ø  It also helps in the general study, observation and the organization of all concentrated conservation efforts to preserve different species that exist in our biodiversity.

Ø  It provides a very strong base for the growth of other areas of biological sciences and studies like biogeography.

Ø  All fields of applied biology such as public health agriculture and environmental biology largely depend on the classification of components of ecosystem; pathogens; disease vector and pests.

Ø  It provides the provision of reference for already identified organisms.

Ø  It makes the relationship between species easily understood.

Ø  It makes studying a wide variety of different organisms easier.

Ø  It helps in grouping new organisms with already existed ones.

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Herbarium is a place where dried and pressed plants, specimens, mounted on sheets are kept systematically. It was established by Luca Ghini.


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Species is the lowest category of hierarchy. Taxonomic hierarchy is the arrangement of various categories in successive levels of the biological classification.


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